January 29, 2007

The Switch To Ubuntu

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Ok guys and girls, i been telling everyone that im loving FOSS so much. Still im using a windows XP system most of the time!!! so that don’t go with it. i speak something and i do something. Now this time im gonna go in to ubuntu for sure. I’ve been using linux since a long time but i always had xp as the primary OS. But now i want to change it. i want to do my daily tasks in a linux system. Now that i have ADSL i can get all the stuff i need(help, software… etc). So i guess this is the right time to do the move. But of course ubuntu is nothing like doing it from the scratch. where you’ll compile stuff for your self. Oh well i will build my own system in the future(that mean i’ll compile my own system…. 🙂 But till then let ubuntu in…

Wow its a cool system i should say. so far its best linux OS that have all thing connected and integrated to each other. like when you are in ubuntu its unique. Most other linux distros are really distros. but ubuntu is more like a OS. they’ve done a lots of changes… even to the smaller est aspects of the system. so the whole system look a lot united and it cool. Its a easy to use(uhmmm… i don’t like this sentence but whatever) distro as well.

And by the way i’m writing this from a ubuntu system 🙂


January 21, 2007

The Traceroute I Can’t Understand

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When I got adsl and i just pinged and tracerouted google, just to see the results…. for fun 🙂 But when i did the traceroute, i got something like this…

1 0ms 0ms 0ms TTL: 0 (pending)
2 3545ms 3756ms 3427ms TTL: 0 (pending)
3 3433ms 3659ms 3326ms TTL: 0 (pending)
4 3583ms 3244ms TTL: 0 (pending)
5 3549ms 3494ms 3153ms TTL: 0 (pending)
6 3479ms 3398ms * TTL: 0 (pending)
7 3526ms 3181ms TTL: 0 (pending)
8 * 3672ms 3492ms TTL: 0 (pending)
9 * 3687ms 3410ms TTL: 0 (pending)
10 3620ms * 3337ms TTL: 0 (pending)
11 3518ms 3637ms 3271ms TTL: 0 (pending)
12 * * 3401ms TTL: 0 (pending)
13 3719ms 3586ms 3325ms TTL: 0 (pending)
14 3800ms 3505ms 3812ms TTL: 0 (pending)
15 * * 3706ms TTL: 0 (pending)
16 * 3418ms 3697ms TTL: 0 (pending)
17 3789ms 3436ms 3704ms TTL: 0 (pending)
18 * * 3736ms TTL: 0 (pending)
19 4219ms 3517ms 3875ms TTL: 0 (pending)
20 * 3350ms * TTL: 0 (pending)
21 4267ms 3381ms * TTL: 0 (pending)
22 4211ms 3292ms * TTL: 0 (pending)
23 4404ms 3214ms * TTL: 0 (pending)
24 No Response * * *
25 4175ms * * TTL: 0 (pending)
26 4182ms * * TTL:240 (pending)

…. is my ADSL router, and the second hop should me my isp’s gateway… But!!! whats the third IP??? its a private IP and i can’t ping it. But when i trace it(

1 0ms 0ms 0ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS)
2 * 2279ms 2390ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS)
3 * 2247ms 2304ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS)
4 TTL: 0 (No rDNS)
5 2288ms TTL: 0 (No rDNS)
6 *
7 *
8 *

(note that the output is from SpamSpade Or Spade)

it seems like is not looking in to the ICMP packets, but it just forward them(???)… But it surely does reply to stuff that expire in it’s hands(???)… i guess

I just can’t understand what this is? Any ideas?

The Net Addiction

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I was online almost all the time for the last couple of days….

I got ADSL

I got it to go FAST

I ran all the Torrent Apps + Gnutella Apps (3/4 of them at a given time)

I used about 480Kbps Down, 120Kbps Upload at times

I was Happy

I went Crazy

I Loved My Connectivity

I Am Addicted!

My Router Was Up for 4 and more… Days

Ok now this is crazy but i am just so amazed about this! well anyways i have some stuff that i need to do some research on. Its about the ADSL connection….

January 18, 2007


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Oh well i got ADSL but it sucks!!! the connection is no where near 512kbps, well thats fine you can’t expect it to be so high even though they say its 512 because its ADSL 🙂 but the thing with my connection is it never goes above 70 or 90 kbps!!! and the dns server are not responding! and the connection goes down every five minutes!!! man that sucks! but anyways i called the SLT adsl people about this and that lady who spoke to me diverted me to a line where i reported a error with my phone line( yes i have a buggy slt phone line and the lady told me to check the phone line cause she thinks that the problem is with the phone line! ???).

So the next day(and thats today) the the phone company sent some people to fix the line. and they could not find the bugs first but then they found a broken(not fully broken… 🙂 wire! which was causing the problem. Now i hope that guy did not lied about that. he showed us the piece of wire(that he have fixed most probably).

Whatever the adsl connection has improved afterwards now i have less down time. And i am runing a dns server to speed up everything(apart from faster fox + firefox, Google web accelerator… :-).

January 17, 2007

SLT ADSL Settings

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In case anyone needs thees….

SLT ADSL Stuff :-|

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Simply SLT have a monopoly on ADSL in srilanka. so thees people take a hell lot of advantage of it. well i guess you should not be surprised about that. Anyways i was waiting for a adsl for a long long time. although it was available for sometime in srilanka and in colombo, where i live. it because of the fact that i could not allocate funds for the thing. but finally with the help of my mom and ma grandma funding problem was solved. and then there was a anther problem! the people in the SLT told us that our exchange has got no space for any new connections!!! and i was really mad and sad about that 🙂 you know i have been waiting for a long time to get the funding and when i get ready with that the SLT says no! They asked for my number and they told me that they will give me call when they can give adsl. i did not believe them of course! but thees dudes gave me a call after about two weeks. and i was really happy about that. mainly due to the fact that i never expected them to call me 🙂 but may be they are not that bad. i mean the management is privatized after all. So they should be better than they were before. Well i went there and obtained the connection detail like the user name and the password. and they told me that it will take up tp 10 days for them to activate the adsl connection. so i was there checking in with the router and the phone line everyday for a adsl tone! damn i was checking and checking and finally on the 9th day it was there! and after some 10 minutes i was up with adsl! but the connection was terrible! the internet was slow. I am dealing with this right now. Hope that i’ll be abel to get the speeds up!

So for the moment SLT sucks!!! because they are so slow 😦

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