January 18, 2007


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Oh well i got ADSL but it sucks!!! the connection is no where near 512kbps, well thats fine you can’t expect it to be so high even though they say its 512 because its ADSL 🙂 but the thing with my connection is it never goes above 70 or 90 kbps!!! and the dns server are not responding! and the connection goes down every five minutes!!! man that sucks! but anyways i called the SLT adsl people about this and that lady who spoke to me diverted me to a line where i reported a error with my phone line( yes i have a buggy slt phone line and the lady told me to check the phone line cause she thinks that the problem is with the phone line! ???).

So the next day(and thats today) the the phone company sent some people to fix the line. and they could not find the bugs first but then they found a broken(not fully broken… 🙂 wire! which was causing the problem. Now i hope that guy did not lied about that. he showed us the piece of wire(that he have fixed most probably).

Whatever the adsl connection has improved afterwards now i have less down time. And i am runing a dns server to speed up everything(apart from faster fox + firefox, Google web accelerator… :-).


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