February 7, 2007

How uncontroled uploads affect your downloads

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Hello people you should always manage your bandwidth, if u want to get the maximum out of it. Uhaaa well i know most of the people who use internet(or adsl cause it goes with my case) wont need to maximize the bandwidth. although they probably like high speed they will not go this far for it as we geeks do 😉 whatever lets get on the topic…

Im running emule + download manager in XP and then download manager is pulling a file from a high speed gentoo linux server so it get a good speed. but emule is downloading a file which is not that popular and has a less number of sources. so it is a slow download. but emule has a lot of stuff to upload and there are a lot of people waiting to get bits and bytes from me… so it is uploading like hell(well its like 11KBps).

When u look at the above graph u can see some red lines and some yellow lines. red is for uploading and yellow is for downloading. now if u look carefully u will notice that in the starting of the graph… when uploading rate goes up, downloading rate comes down. how come that happen? well simply files are shared or transfered using TCP protocol. which gives u reliable transmission of data. what does that mean? well it tries its best to do a error free transmission. and it is very successful in doing so. so when a packet with data is received by the receiver(thats me in this case) the receiver should send and ‘ack’ acknowledging the sender of the packet(or packets, in real world…) it received. And when your upload bandwidth is fully used by some other app. thees acks wont be sent to the sender. the sender awaits for these acks before sending the next set of packets with data in them. so if your upload stream is too busy the chances are that thee acks awaited by your sender will not go to him most of the time. which will make the sender think that you did not receive the data and thats why you did not acknowledged it. so he resends the data to you. which is of course a waste because you are receiving the stuff that u already have.

So you should leave some bandwidth for thee acks and stuff. which will make sure the things wont be bad for you downloading rate. you should however give your upload bandwidth to upload data to the file sharing networks whenever u can. because thats how they work. but as you have DSL(which have more download speed and less upload speed) you’ll have to control your upload speeds.

And after doing that controlling of upload speed in emule by limiting the bandwidth that it cam use for uploads. u can thee that the download rates have risen and have become stable…


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