February 14, 2007

Living With Ubuntu – Automatix Brings Peace!

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you know when they say ubuntu is good i thought well hey yea it must be good. but you really need to keep using the system for days(at least 🙂 to get a correct feeling about a system. Now when i first installed ubuntu…. things were fine and everything was stable but as you know all the content providers and all these people who has patents to all the codecs and stuff are preventing FOSS based OSs from having the capability’s to play mp3s/DVDs/and all sorts of property media formats… thats bad. these people who have the copyrights are a set suckers as we all know. they believe in law suites and patents… man im sure that all that stuff must have make sence to them. but for me it makes nonseces! shit how can you actually prevent copy theft? i don’t think its possible. because no matter how hard you try to protect your content the other guys will try as hard to break your protection. and this will happen until those other guys find it not worthy enough to be broken because its too hard. so that means at that point copyright owner wins the fight? no! of course not 🙂 if it is so hard that, you can make some of your own content that coping the copyrighted content why should people copy it after all? they will make better content or they will go for an alternative. so copyright protection mechanisms will cost the copyright owners more than making there stuff up(the stuff that are copyrighted). so its probably not gonna happen. because it dumb to do something like that. so copyright protection would be a myth. the real bad side of this is that… all these people who are spending time to make these protection mechanisms and all the people who are spending time to break them could have really spent that time on something more interesting and worthy. so it decrease our power to go ahead in the world of technology. we will be inventing crap when we really can much more nice stuff….

Ooops! that was a bit off topic 🙂 well now back to topic. after installing ubuntu i found this program called automatix. It could install most of the common stuff that the users asks for when they finish installing ubuntu or any other distro. like all the codecs, extra fronts, more messagners that supports video conferencing and stuff, skype, java… etc etc.. so i selected what i need and pressed start 😉 then after sometime all the stuff was done! cool! haha now i was having a cool system. and yeah i had to install many other programs. that i needed on my OS. and i did(at least most of them). and i’ve been running ubuntu for about 3,4 days 24 hours 😉 haha it feels so good. the system is stable and everything is ok.

But the sound system is unstable i don’t know why… suddenly the sound would freeze and keep repeating a little part of a song or whatever it was playing till the system is restarted. but this doesn’t mean that the whole system gets stuck or anything. its just the sound. i don’t know why this is happening but i’ll have to find out. apart from few gliches here and there i should say im very happy with ubuntu. and i’ll be using it till i compile my own system. it may be LFS or Gentoo.. i guess i’ll just wait and see whats right for me…


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