March 13, 2007

Hmm… I’m a CCNA now!!!

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WOW! you know what? i feel really amazing that i actually passed the fucking exam! man… it took away my freedom for some good two three weeks! well it burnt my hart so much cause i was not that sure whether i can pass it or not…. hmmm hey! now i know that there are people who do this with ease, but hey it wasn’t like that for me. know why? cause i didn’t have a CISCO router or two to play with! hehe well well i know that most of the people are not going to buy a router just for there CCNA but if you can that is really good i guess. well now there is CCNP 🙂 hehe i guess i can get in to some kind of router and start hacking it. hmmm….. haha 🙂

Now im not a fan of CISCO, but still i should accept that they have some nice routers! hehe.. well i wonder whether people can build a nice cheap high performing open source router! haha i bet they have already done that. i’ve seen some ads here and there about open source routers but what i think of is… a hardware router that runs a open source OS and not something like IOS… hehe.. well may be they already have something like that. and if they don’t it won’t be long till someone starts doing it! so go open source!


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