April 18, 2007

WordPress… Nice Stuff :)

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I wonder why it took me so much time to discover this wordpress thing…. its very nice, creative…. so i’m loving it…


April 8, 2007

Convertion WindowsXP –> Ubuntu

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My Desktop Now days… 😉

My Desktop Some Time Back

Songbird In Action!

You know what? changing your OS for real is not that easy. mainly because of the fact that as a human you get used o everything that you use in your daily life. for me when i was in XP i had some favorite apps as everyone does. utorrent for torrents, 7zip for unzipping stuff, firefox for web broswing… etc hey now do you notice anything in them? well yeah i was already using some grate open source projects/apps… so if i make the switch it won’t be a lot different for me to use the apps.. as firefox, 7zip… are there for linux. and most of the open source apps are cross platform so you can have a good faith that your favorite open source app will be there for linux. but this is not always true. i use emule… that was when i used xp… but emule does not run on linux. well yeah it may run through WINE.. or any other emulator.. like utorrent does. but it does not run natively on linux. so i had to find a altanative. and the altanative was amule witch is like emule+ for windows(and for linux too i guess)… it was cool…. i mean when you are using linux you have so many choices to be made! isn’t that just wonderful?

when i want to fond a good music player i have a dozen of em! i mean good ones!!! hehe…. well i am currently using Songbird it is still in testing though.. but it is so wonderful. now some of you may say that it is a exact copy of iTunes. but i strongly disagree with you all… it is soooo much more than iTunes…

well the change was not all free of problems. i have some problems with sound(sound tend to crash at random intervals and it seems that the only way to get it back is to restart the OS… which is pretty annoying! :), and some othe minor issues….

I installed and checked out the cool 3D desktop with a lot of other graphical magic! i just could not believe it! see this is open source! this is the power of the community!

all in all i am so happy that i made the right choice after all this time… i am benefiting from it. I can’t delete windows off because i can’t control my screen brightness with out it…. and i say fuck you toshiba and all the manufactures who don’t care enough to support linux! yeah fuck you!

long live open source! you all who contribute to the community, you rock! i am so thnakful to all of you!

I love linux! 😉 cause it gave me freedom…. and it tastes sooooo sweet.

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