November 2, 2008

Upgrading to Ubuntu 8.10

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today just before some hours i upgraded my ubuntu to 8.10 from the LTS. the upgrade was fairly ok. no big troubles. first when i tried to upgrade the installer told me that i need more free space in my root drive. so i had to delay the upgrade and uninstall some stuff to make space. and then i started the upgrade again. and it went on for about 4, 5 hours. downloading all all that. btw i had to enable the sources for the upgrading option to appear in my update manager. this is explained in the ubuntu’s official site, under upgrading…

i was using the proprietary ATI graphics driver that i downloaded and installed my self(not through the restricted driver manager utility in ubuntu). so it was screwed when the upgrade was finally over. and it seems that the ati proprietary driver is still not available for the kernel in use, by 8.10. which is kinda bad šŸ˜¦ but its ok for the moment.

so when i restarted the box after the upgrade, i went to the console and deleted my xorg.conf file. then i started xorg and it worked like a charm šŸ™‚ i think this is a new feature in xserver. its pretty good.

i like the way things look in the new 8.10. there is something defferent. i feel more comfertable with the UI. its really nice.


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