August 29, 2009

Kinesis Advantage Ergonomic Keyboard Initial Impressions

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I use computers a lot. like for 11 or 12 hours/day minimum. It’s a very important part of my life. And been a developer my career depends on me been able to use a keyboard. But since lately i have been experiencing some pain in my wrists. Which scared me a bit. I started searching the net for ergonomic keyboards and knowledge related to ergonomics in general. All in all i came in to a decision to pay more attention to ergonomics and to buy any equipment that i needed. Kinesis Advantage seems to be the best ergonomic keyboard out there so i ended up buying one but it was not easy. It was not available in Sri Lanka. And it was very expensive (i live in the third world by the way). Anyway i managed to buy it through amazon and get it to SL through a friend.

First of all here are some pics.

There are more pictures in flickr

The first thing i felt when i looked at it was something like ‘oh so this cost me that much…’ . This can be much cheaper. The keys are easy to press and they are all spread across the keyboard. getting used to this thing is hard. At least for me. I am typing this post using it. i have to look at the keyboard while typing and i am using the backspace way too much. i think it will take sometime for me to get used to this. i haven’t still read the manual. i think it has some exercises and stuff to help you get used to the keyboard. it should help me get started. anyways i feel that some keys in the alphabet are harder to access than the others. this may be because i am still getting used to this thing. anyways i am looking forward to learnning and really putting thid to use. it should save my wrists and give me some value for the money i  spent o this.


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