October 1, 2009

My New VGA

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After my old vga 8800GTS died on i couldn’t even turn on my desktop. After waiting for month or so and after doing some cost\ benefit analysis i decided on a MSI 9600GT 512. It cost 14,00LKR here in SL. It have been about 2 or 3 weeks since i brought it home. So far its working fine. It doesn’t give any thing more than 25 fps on GTA IV\max settings\1900×1080. But still this is a low end card, you can’t expect wonders from it. I have never overclocked any hardware before but i decided to do some overclocking with this one. As i really needed any extra FPS i can get. The factory settings were: 600\1500\900, i am currently running it at 700\1750\1050. Now i like to think that my system is stable but it is not. It crashed two times within two days. I might have to ajuest the speeds a bit. May be take it back a little. The overclocking gave me some 3 or 4 FPS in GTAIV. Is it worth it? i don’t know. All this time the temps never went pass 60c.


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