January 31, 2010

Notes on setting up devise (authentication solution for rails)

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From Devise’s project page:

Devise is a flexible authentication solution for Rails based on Warden. It:

  • Is Rack based;
  • Is a complete MVC solution based on Rails engines;
  • Allows you to have multiple roles (or models/scopes) signed in at the same time;
  • Is based on a modularity concept: use just what you really need.

I was playing around with devise trying to get it set-up in my app, came through some configuration errors on my part, thought of noting them down for future reference.

NoMethodErrors and NameErrors

  • if you are getting NoMethodErrors for methods such as user_signed_in?, current_user, user_session, admin_signed_in? in your ActiveViews, check your routes.rb file for correct “map.devise_for :”  statements. If you have users and a admin in your system and Users and Admin models in your models. You should have something like this:
    map.devise_for :users, :admin
  • If you are getting NameErrors like “undefined local variable or method `edit_user_path' for #….” (could be for new_admin_session_path…etc anything to do with session path) Then check whether you have mapped your controllers correctly on your routes.rb. If you are having a UsersController and a AdminController your routes.rb can have some lines like:
    map.resource :user
    map.resources :admins

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