April 20, 2010

SqlCeException Unspecified error [ 655360 ]

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I spend a fair amount of time searching the net for this. All because i couldn’t notice the Native Error: 25101 in the exception.

SQL Server Compact has exceeded the buffer size. The default size can be increased on initialization by modifying the ssce: max buffer size property.


max buffer size
The largest amount of memory, in kilobytes, that SQL Server Mobile can use before it starts flushing changes to disk. If not specified, the default value is 640.

You can try increasing your buffer size.

conn.ConnectionString =
“Persist Security Info = False; Data Source = ‘SalesData.sdf’;” +
“Password = ‘
‘; File Mode = ‘shared read’; ” +
“Max Database Size = 256; Max Buffer Size = 1024”;


April 1, 2010

Getting a PropertyInfo from a PropertyDescriptor in .NET

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PropertyDescriptor pd;
PropertyInfo pi;

//when pd is actually pointing to some real Property Descriptor object
pi = pd.ComponentType.GetProperty(pd.Name);

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