July 30, 2010

My ‘Workstation’

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a pc

My Workstation

This is where i spend most of my time during the day job. I will be leaving next month. Won’t be seeing this guy for a long time to come. It seems.

Thinking about why i really made this post. I think its because this is the first time “i took a photo form my smartphone and emailed it to a friend”. Doing “first time things” is definitely fun.


July 14, 2010

HTC Desire – My First Smartphone Experince

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Although by profession i am a mobile application developer, i have never owned a smart phone. I never felt the need. But recently things have changes. I needed a piece of the action. At work i always worked with Windows Mobile devices. Being the “Open Source” guy i naturally liked the android platform. iPhone seems to be locked down tight. But android seemed to me the most promising platform. Any how i wanted to buy a Nexus one. But as i couldn’t get one i settled for a HTC Desire. Its pretty much the same as a Nexus One. But have some differences. I am just going to post some pics, not because there are not enough pics already out there on the Internets. But because it feels good to post some in my blog.

HTC Desire

HTC Desire

HTC Desire

HTC Desire with the headphones

HTC Desire Back

HTC Desire back and the cover removed

I asked a friend visiting Singapore to buy this for me. He brought it for 810 SGD. But i think you can buy it for about 730 SGD. Unfortunately my friend was not used to doing shopping in a place like Unity Plaza, where the shop owners are cunning a**hol*s. They even removed the microSD card that came with the phone. Anyways, i brought a new Airtel SIM as the one i had didn’t have HSPA or 3G. I am going to order a microSD off eBay. And hopefully everything would be fine! 🙂

I am also thinking of replacing the stock ROM Android 2.1, with a rooted 2.2. I don’t have a wireless router at home, but i do have a laptop. So if the device can connect to Adhoc networks it can access internet through my laptop. But it seems stock android don’t support this. So i am going to try a rooted image. Hopefully it will solve this problem. The phone feels really snappy. And i am happy! 🙂

Sometimes its a bit hard to believe that you are having so much computing power on a little device such as this. The world sure have come a long way with building mobiles.


HTC Desire review — Engadget

HTC Desire – Full phone specifications

July 7, 2010

Ad-Hoc Build – Zip – Rename – Deploy ‘Automation’

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At work i wanted to automate the build releasing process (of mostly c# desktop/mobile applications which are developed using VS and distributed as installers). This is basically giving the QA a fresh versioned build of whatever the software that is being developed. Although it sound pretty easy and straightforward. It is not. And i have come to hate doing this manually, because it takes a lot of time and its repetitive work, so its very… boring!. The following CLI program that i wrote just automates:

  • Update the working folder from the SVN repo
  • Clean
  • Build (using Release config).
  • Zip (only the Installer(s) resulting from the final build).
  • Extract the version of the resulting executables by reading the AssemblyInfo.cs of the main project.
  • Name the zip file according to all the conventions (boring…).
  • Copy it over to the QA’s SMB share, and put it in a folder structure (again some more naming conventions come in to play).

I know this is not the nicest way of doing this. I should probably be using MSBuild/nAnt/a continues integration server…etc to do it. But, it felt a bit more complicated, and it required me to spend a little bit of time learning stuff. So… i ended up writing this.


using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.IO;


namespace auto_build
    internal class Program
        private const string Title = "auto_build v0.01";

        private static void Main(string[] args)
            Console.Title = Title;
            var settings = Settings.Default;



            P("Updating Source from SVN...");
            Run(settings.SvnPath, string.Format(settings.SvnUpdateCommand, settings.SolutionRoot));

            P("Cleaning Solution...");
            Run(settings.DevenvPath, string.Format(settings.DevenvClean, settings.SolutionPath, settings.SolutionName));

            P("Building (Release Config) Solution...");
                string.Format(settings.DevenvBuildRelease, settings.SolutionPath, settings.SolutionName));

            P("Zipping the Setup...");
            //ex: "NAME-SG v1.0.0.3106 Setup 06-Jul-2010 10-40"
            var zipFilePath = string.Format("{0}\\Release", settings.SetupProjectPath);
            var zipFileName = string.Format(settings.ZipFileNameFormat, settings.ZipFileApplicationName,
                string.Format(settings.WinrarPathArgsForCreatingAnArchive, zipFileName, zipFilePath));

            P("Coping the zipped archive to the destanation...");
            var directory =
                Directory.CreateDirectory(string.Format("{0}//v{1}", settings.DestPath, GetProjectVersion()));
            File.Move(string.Format("{0}//{1}", zipFilePath, zipFileName),
                      string.Format("{0}//{1}", directory.FullName, zipFileName));

            P("Press any key to exit...");

        private static string GetProjectVersion()
            using (
                var reader =
                    new StreamReader(
                        new FileStream(string.Format(Settings.Default.AssemblyInfoPath, Settings.Default.SolutionPath),
                                       FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read)))
                while (!reader.EndOfStream)
                    var line = reader.ReadLine();
                    if (!line.Contains("// [assembly: AssemblyVersion(\"") &&
                        line.Contains("[assembly: AssemblyVersion(\""))
                        var start = line.IndexOf("[assembly: AssemblyVersion(\"") +
                                    "[assembly: AssemblyVersion(\"".Length;
                        var end = line.IndexOf("\")]");
                        var length = end - start;

                        return line.Substring(start, length);

            return "x.x.x.x"; //couldn't find the assebmly version

        private static string Run(string command, string paras)
            var pProcess = new Process
                                   StartInfo =
                                           FileName = command,
                                           Arguments = paras,
                                           UseShellExecute = false,
                                           RedirectStandardOutput = true

            //Get program output
            var strOutput = pProcess.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd();
            return strOutput;

        #region Console Text Output Helpers

        private static void P(string text)

        private static void PBlankLine()

        private static void PSeperator()


The program above uses a settings file to get most of the information it requires. you can get the settings file and the above posted file here.

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