August 5, 2010

“Really Boring Machan…”

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I did some work on our handheld application framework, which was pretty interesting. And then i had to get this framework feature to be used throughout the whole application. Which is a bit of a boring thing for me to do. And after all i have some other stuff that i need to attend to. So i asked one of my team mates to do it. A relative new comer to the team. He was still learning about our internal application framework and everything else. After working on it for sometime, this what he told me in chat.

4:26 PM *******: mchn i will do this in outlet and and the other supplier list.. give pantrychk and compintl to somebody else.. really boaring(boring) mch doing same thing here and there.. 😦
4:27 PM me: 😀
ok mcn

Wow… i wonder how would my boss reply to this if i told him what my teammate told me :D. But then it must be killing him to work on all the boring stuff. I tried to give him something that is pretty interesting, but… he will have to wait till tomorrow until he gets a external GPS device.

Poor guy.


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