January 27, 2011

Switching Devise Mail Sender Address with the Environment

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This is something very simple that i took more than 5 minutes to find out 🙂

in file: config/initializers/devise.rb

if Rails.env.development?
config.mailer_sender = “”
elsif Rails.env.production?
config.mailer_sender = “”

Rails.env does the trick.


January 13, 2011

Where to Buy X, Y and Z in Singapore

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This post is more of a ‘sticky note’ to my self. However there is a possibility that this will actually be useful for someone else!. I am going to list places in singapore where you can buy computer hardware, shoes…etc. Please keep in mind that i am a buyer who always looks for ‘best bang for buck’ kind of deals. If you are not, then this list might be irrelevant to you.

Computer Hardware

  1. 1. Funan –

This is a mall where you get a lot of shops selling all things related to computer hardware. Stuff here can be a bit expensive when compared to slim lim, however the shopping experience is much better and the possibility of you been ripped off or cheated is low when compared to slim lim.

2. Slim Lim Square –
Be a bit careful when you are shopping in this mall. Bargaining is mandatory :). Try to avoid the first 3 floors, the prices tend to be higher in those. My friends say you have more choices here when compared to funan.

Sport Shoes/Sneakers

  1. Queensway Shopping Center – : has a good selection of shoes and a lot of shops. If you are buying a pair of trainers/running shoes, talk to a sales rep and let him look at your foot arch type and suggest you a model(s). You can definitely bargain in almost all shops.
  2. Peninsula Plaza – : This mall have a number of shops selling shoes. Check out the basement for a lot of small shops with shoes and teenage clothing. You might find a good deal.
  3. Peoples Park Center –’s+park&fb=1&gl=sg&hq=people’s+park&hnear=Singapore&ei=WasvTZPnF8rxrQeR-ZG1CA&sa=X&oi=local_group&ct=image&resnum=5&ved=0CAQQtgMwBA : This have some shops selling sneakers and backpacks.


Note that when i say backpacks, i an thinking of branded real ‘bad ass’ backpacks that backpackers use!. But you can use some of these packs for your day to day needs such as carrying your laptop…etc around the city, to work…etc.

  1. Army Market (Beach Road Army Wholesale Market) – : This is a ‘market’ where you have a number of small shops selling backpacks, camping gear and things required by new army recruits (as the name implies). Follow the map and you will find the golden mile hawker center. The market is located in the upper floors of the hawker center. Take a look around check the prices look at the models available before buying. Bargaining is a must 😀
  2. Queensway Shopping Center have some backpack shops as well. Do check them out.
  3. Peoples Park Center –’s+park&fb=1&gl=sg&hq=people’s+park&hnear=Singapore&ei=WasvTZPnF8rxrQeR-ZG1CA&sa=X&oi=local_group&ct=image&resnum=5&ved=0CAQQtgMwBA : This have some shops selling sneakers and backpacks.

Thats all for now. I will keep this page updated when and if i get time. Please add to this ‘list’ by commenting on this post. Shopping is a addictive thing in place like SG where you have a consumeristic society.

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