February 24, 2011

Git, Unfuddle and How to Use Multiple Key Files with SSH

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<rant> Unfuddle is a grate application. I use it daily. But one thing i really hate about it is that it requires you to use unique public keys. So you can’t use the same public key in two user accounts. Its all OK until you get work in a client’s unfuddle project. Where you will have a different account on the client’s unfuddle app. Boom! now you got to use another different key file just to work with any repo hosted in the client’s unfuddle app. This sucks big time. But the solution is not that complicated. </rant>

To use multiple key files with SSH (Git uses ssh internally),

  • Login to the machine/server from where you want to use git/ssh
  • Generate a key file (if you don’t already have one generated. But keep in mind you need a key file per account with unfuddle).
    • ssh-keygen
    • enter a name for the key
    • remember the name you entered!
  • Edit the ssh client config file
    • nano ~/.ssh/config
    • enter in the following lines (without the bullets of course!)
      • Host
      • IdentityFile=/path/to/your/key/file
    • The key file you specify in the Identity File directive is the private key (ie: not the key file with .pub extension).
  • Enter you public key to unfuddle
    • you can add your key in “Personal Settings”
    • your public key is the key that has a “pub” extension

Hope this helps. Even if no one else benifit from this i know i will someday 😀


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