August 23, 2011

Batch Video Conversion to 3gp using ffmpeg

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Some notes for self reference.

Batch video conversion

Using some a simple loop (in bash)

for f in *.mp4; do ffmpeg -i “${f}” -b 4000k -s 4cif -vcodec h263 -acodec aac -y “${f}_4000.3gp”; done;

Converts all mp4 files in the current folder

Original file name: file_one.mp4

Converted file name: file_one.mp4_4000.3gp

Convert to 3gp

ffmpeg -i file_name -s 4cif -vcodec h263 -acodec aac -y converted.3gp

Convert to with a set bit-rate

When the set bit rate is 4000k (kilo bits)
ffmpeg -i file_name -b 4000k -s 4cif -vcodec h263 -acodec aac -y converted.3gp

Setting resolution

Use the -s flag to set the resoultion. For possible values refer:


August 17, 2011

Good old days [Photo]

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good old days by thekindofme
good old days, a photo by thekindofme on Flickr.

Some where near the tanjong pagar market and food centre. From atop of a HDB void deck at night (around 9.30PM) ;).

0.6 sec at f/5.3 45mm with the nikon 18-55 kit lens.

August 5, 2011

Favoritemedium is Hiring!: UI Engineer (based in Singapore)

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The company i work for: favoritemedium is looking for a new UI talent. Basically if you love hacking JS and CSS, this position is for you. Send in your resume, but more importantly some links to your github and twitter 😉

If i know you (and about your work) you can contact me and i’ll refer you.

Here is the ‘official’ ad.

UI Engineer (Based in Singapore)

We are a successful web and mobile development consultancy seeking to bring on a UI engineer to assist with front-end web development. Our work environment is both fast-paced and fun.

An ideal candidate should have these capabilities:
Ability to communicate effectively in English. Mandarin is helpful but not mandatory.
Very solid HTML and CSS skills. You must live and breathe it.
JavaScript – understand concepts like scoping and declaration hoisting
Understand the differences between browser implementations of HTML, CSS, and JS
Reasonably adept with Photoshop
To be clear, this is not a web design position. It involves client-side development and implementation of designs.

This is a full-time position based in Singapore (S088853).

To apply, please email a resume/CV to and use ‘SG UI Engineer [2011Q3]’ as the email subject. Include links to Twitter and/or Github accounts, if applicable.

Taking the Plunge: D5100, My first DSLR

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About two weeks back, i finally took the plunge and brought my first DSLR: D5100. In retrospect i think it was a impulse buy. I was a bit stressed out from a busy schedule and i think this was my escape from all of it. I have been thinking about buying a DSLR for a long time. However i couldn’t justify the expense all this time. But now it seems to be worth it. As photography have given me a reason to be excited about something. A hobby that i desperately needed.

Been a total newbie to photography and with a tiny budget i didn’t have a lot of choices when deciding which camera body to invest it. I think the wise decision would have been to go for a second hand body and spend more cash on some good lenses. But i didn’t do that 😛

I had to decide between Cannon 550D/ 600D/ Nikon D5100. All were in the same price range. And here in Singapore, the Nikon was the cheapest. Although else where the cheapest would have been 550D. After going thorough zillion reviews and articles. The general idea i got was 600D was good for video while D5100 was good for photos (as in it produced better quality photos/better low light sensitivity/better sensor).

As my primary aim was photography and also because the Nikon was cheaper, i went for it. I took the bundled body-lens kit which came with a 18-55 lens. I think so far it have been grate. It lets me take good landscape and portraits. However i am always touching its limits. Sometimes its not wide enough, and sometimes it’s not long enough 🙂

But i guess the important thing is that i am having fun learning photography and experimenting with it. You can follow me on flickr at

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