December 21, 2011

Google Plus and Google Profiles

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Was a bit confused about Google Profiles and Google Plus profiles. A quick note for my self about the two.

  • Both google plus and google profiles seems to be using the same user id
  • A google profile may or may not have a google plus account (if the user didn’t opt for google plus)
  • A user who has signed up for both google profile and google plus have one id and one page for both services.
    • which is the google plus profile page.
  • A user who only signed up for google profile has a google profile page (which is different from a google plus profile page).
  • A user who only signed up for google plus has a google profile page which points to his/her google plus page.
  • So in essences google plus is a upgrade on top of the google profile.

Happy Christmas everyone!


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