i’m a young geek with lots of little, little ‘things’ inside my head 😉 currently working as a s/w eng(.netcf, c#) in a small/medium s/w house. I use ubuntu at home and xp at work. And i code in c#, java and some ruby, have touched up on php, bash. love OOP. I am an ABBA fan. love works of female musicians with a sweet voice. the only sport i ever do is swimming. i kinda love it as of now(nov 22 2008). i believe in making things as simple as they could be and wearing simple cloths that are comfortable. learning new things makes me happy.

What follows is an attempt to explain my self in a very simple manner.

I am

  • Geek
  • Liberal
  • Believe in god
  • Simple

I Code

  • C#
  • Ruby
  • Java

I Use

  • OS
    • Home
      • Everything
        • Ubuntu 9.10
      • Gaming
        • Windows 7
    • At Work
      • Development
        • Windows XP SP3

I Like to Listen to

  • Almost anything that sounds good
  • Artists
    • ABBA
    • The Fray
    • Sixpence None The Richer
    • Clarence Wijewaradana
  • Female Vocalists


  • Swimming



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