June 3, 2008

Something about Music

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when i was still a small child, i didn’t thought i will like music as much as i do now. i mean it was ok. music was something nice. but i never loved it as much as i do it now. i never thought it will become something so importent in my life. but now i feel its a very important part of my life. it helps me relax. it makes me think clearly. it just cools down my boiled mind. and its kind of a medium to discover new things. you can walk along so many places that you have never been. though listening to music. you can discover people, cultures and courties and so on… 🙂 its wonderful. and just incase if you are still the type who listens mainly to all the pop music that get played on MTV…etc i think you should listen more varities of music. that would certently help you discover new things… and belive me its going to be wonderful 🙂


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