December 23, 2008

Favorite Firefox Addons of a Geek

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I’ve seen some best addons for firefox lists here and there in the web. and i thought i should roll out my own. cause… mmmm… oh well… these addons are too good to be missed! and btw i am using all these under ubuntu firefox 3.0.5 but i am sure that most of these will work on windows/OSX as well.

Ad Block Plus

Preview Image of Adblock Plus

the ever famous ad blocker. this saves me a lot of bandwidth. and at the same time this keeps web pages simple. when there are ‘no’ flashy ads, you can put your concentration on the real content that matters. however, do not block all the ads in all the sites. i mean the site owners should earn some profit too… i would leave google text ads from been blocked because for me they are ok. they don’t ‘disturb’ me. and they are informative.


Preview Image of NoScript

If you want to stay a step ahead when it comes to browser security, you need this. i have been using this addon for a while now. and by experience i can tell you that this gets updated really fast. and when configured correctly this will provide you solid protection without sacrificing the usability of the browser. when some new exploit comes out or when it appears in the wild, noscript will be the first to address it. i have seen noscript adding features to block some vulnerabilities in the browser even before mozilla devs rolls out a patch. so frankly if you are serious about security this is a must have.


Preview Image of Sxipper

it remembers all my passwords, usernames + how to fill in forms for me. i can maintain one or more profiles from which i can choose, when i am filling a form for a new account(signing up for some service online). people can ‘train’ it on filling forms in different web sites around the net. and then they can share it with other users. so most of the sites that i visit work correctly with sxipper(ie: sometimes when you have capitcha checks in a login page you just want sxipper to fill in the username and password, not auto submit the form)


Preview Image of DownThemAll!

built inside firefox, multi-threaded(ie download the same file divided in to several parts concurrently thus increasing the download speed) whats more can you ask for? 🙂


web developers LOVE this one! this is basically a real time ‘IDE'(its not a IDE really :)) for client side web development. you can try out so many things, debug stuff… try new things while instantly see the effects(ex: change the set of styles assosicated with some div elements and see the effects instantly!) with this addon. this is a MUST HAVE, if you do any serious web developing.


the web is yours! 🙂 you don’t need to wait till ‘they’ fix their ugly layout or till they decide to show up that piece of vital information just next to your profile image. you can write some scripts and get it done. this one addon makes the web a whole lot better than it is. sites like are filled with useful, creative scripts that makes your life easier.


Preview Image of iMacros for Firefox

you have bash in *nix when you need some ‘glue’ to script repetitive actions. inside firefox you can use iMacros to script actions. its pretty easy to use and it can be really useful in some situations.


how many links have you come across which are not really(none click-able URLs that appear as plain text) ‘links’? this addon will convert them in to links. it can be really useful at times. specially if you come across a lot of plain text URLs. this addon will save a lot of ‘copy, paste, click go’ actions, that you would have to do manually, otherwise.

Read it Later

Preview Image of Read It Later

sometimes you comes across nice stuff while browsing online. but you might not have enough time to read it all at that time. for ex: while you are at work you come across this cool article that you really want read but you don’t have enough time to do so, while you are still at work. you’d want to go home and read it, right?. Read it later can help you do exactly that. it can keep track of list of things, and sync them across multiple PCs.


firefox have minimum built in ftp capabilities. this addon add almost all the features that you would expect from a full featured stand alone ftp client. you can basically have a ftp client running in one of your browser tabs. now how cool is that? 🙂

btw: ftp is a inherently INSECURE protocol. so use it at your own risk 🙂

so those are addons that are of most importance to me. if you haven’t tried the above, why not give it a try and see, you never know what you have been missing 😉 if you don’t want any of the installed addons you can simply uninstall them, cleanly after all they are jut addons.


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