December 16, 2008

“This Game Beats em All” – My Very Own GTA IV/Liberty Cirty Stories Review!

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niko bellic

GTA has been a great game for me from the times when i played San Andreas. i was new to GTA then, unlike some of my friends who have been playing the game from some time. back then when San Andreas was the newest GTA title, i was addicted to it to say the least. i think its one of those games that i have played the most. and spend a lot of time on. i really did enjoy it. and now after some years here we are with a new edition of GTA, Liberty City. when GTA IV Liberty City Stories first got released for the consoles, i was kinda excited cause after all there is a new version of one my favorites game, out. although i don’t own any consoles. i just hoped that they would release it for the PC after sometime. and they promised to do so. after some delay Rockstar has finally delivered GTA IV.

“Insane Requirements ,Bad Graphics, Bugs, Lazy PC Port” – Well it was ok for me at least

well i my self didn’t experience that many problems with the game. and the graphics were ok for me. i am playing it with the highest settings possible(by setting them in the commandline.txt file… google gta iv commandline.txt if you want more info on this). and it works pretty neat on my box. i get 30+ frame rates and it looks alright to my eyes. it playable and i didn’t feel like it affected my gameplay. so i am happy as far as the graphics are concerned. but hey this does not mean that i didn’t have ANY bugs/problems… i had some instances where there were some textures that didn’t get rendered correctly. this one time all most all of the things around me turned black! and the only thing that i could identify was niko. but it happened only once so no big deal. there were other times where some shadows and some textures got rendered in a bit of a ‘buggy’ way. sometimes i could see through things that i shouldn’t be able to see through(ex:- shadows!). sometimes some textures got rendered with gaps in them(like if its rendering a piece of paper, i could see dots in that were transparent..).

btw i played the game on a PC, whos config is as follows…

Quad Core 2.4
Vista 64
2 SATA II drives configured with RAID 0
Using Xtreme-G FW 180.84 modded nividia drivers

“I Love the Story Man”

this been GTA, it had a great story line. i really enjoy the story in any game. its really important(for me at least). GTA IV has a good story. i am sure they could have made a movie out of it as well. seriously it would be grate if they do it right!. the main character in this version is Niko. he is from eastern europe, fresh off the boat. i don’t who creates all these story lines but whoever he is, he is doing a great job. i have played three versions of GTA. Vice City, San Andreas and now Liberty City. all of the had a good story line specially the last two titles. in SA the story was about some guy from the ‘ghetto’, coming out from the prison and stuff.. and here in Liberty City, its about a (illegal)immigrant.

When i am playing the game in the story line mode. i always try to listen to the stuff the characters say. the story keep me glued to all the dialogs. for me its like watching a movie. its even more exciting because you actually get to play though it. cool… and in IV you have this nice option, so when you are playing the single player missions you can sometimes in some missions make decisions! and they affect the story line. wow i should say that this is extremely cool. i am a fan of this lovely game.

“The Streets are Breathing, they are Alive”

Now most of us will finish the single player missions pretty soon. but we sure want to keep playing the game. fear not i think you can keep playing this for a long long time. the moment you start off with the game you can see that the liberty city is actually a live city. there are so many things happening around you and so many people are there. they are talking and they are simply alive. the city have a lot of activities happening in it. and i think this is just grate. if you have read any of the reviews of the game online you are sure to hear about this. and i experienced it my self. i feel that Rockstar have done a grate job making the city look alive. it breathtaking.

“Lets Play Some Pool”

There are lots of other things than shooting people and steeling cars in GTA. you can play all sorts of small games like pool, darts, bowling(well there is a bug in this, i hope they will patch it soon)… etc these are games that you can play and enjoy. yes they are nothing big as the GTA it self but still they are pretty interesting stuff.i like the pool game my self.

apart from these games there are some more features that i like a lot. one of them been cabs. you can actually hire cabs and use them to travel to destinations with in the city in a very short time frame. this will cost you some money, but i think this is a grate feature. i mean i am totally addicted to using cabs to travel inside the city, whenever i can. its fast its cheap.

“Take Cover!”

unlike in the previous version liberty city stories have a covering system that comes in to play in fire fights. in my opinion this makes things a bit more realistic. which is good. i love this feature as well. some reviewers say that in xbox this feature makes things a bit too easy for the players. but i don’t think its the same with the PC. you have to time your shots correctly and find good cover..etc so it doesn’t make it easy. but i feel that the cover system makes fire fights in GTA a lot more realistic(i am not saying this is how it happens in the real world. to be frank i don’t know much about real world firefights!, other than the ones they show on movies :))

“Windows Live, WTF is that! get it off my system!”

installing this stuff is mandatory??? come’on i can’t believe this. this is like forcing us to install some ad-ware! 🙂 well this is not ad-ware but i think that users should have a choice between using windows live and using something else(or may be, not using any thing like that at all!). this is still my machine and i should be able to get the game working with out installing all this bundled software. i am sure the Rockstar people must have thought about this. i mean it must have been some kind of a deal between them and the Windows Live people. so far i am ok with Live games… i mean its not a major headache or anything like that. it does not interfere with the game play that much. i think GTA is using it for managing user profiles(that means the Live guys must have some APIs… web services too, may be.. the developer in me wants to play with these stuff :P)

Live would have been ok after all. but then there is this Rockstar Social Club app. i really don’t like that one. first of all when i just want to play the game i don’t want to go through it. i play it in the offline mode with no accounts and all that. so i have click about 5 or 6 buttons to skip logging in, say no to the message boxes… etc. and i have to do it every time i want to play the game. this is a pain in the neck. i am aware that this app can add some features and values to the game play… but all i am saying is that the user should have the ability to skip it if he needs to. i feel this is too much things to go through. when you are just playing a game. and the Social Club app keep running even when i am not playing the game. what is this thing? i don’t need another process hanging in there with no purpose. so i have to kill it my self. and i have to do it each time i finish playing the game. that sucks.

“All in all…”

I think this is a fantastic game. i am pretty sure that this is going to win a lot of awards and stuff like that. if you like playing computer games, i think you should definitely give this a try. you might need to get a good rig to run this game with high settings. but don’t let that stop you from playing this grate game. ha… i am looking forward to spending some looooong hours of game play. GTA all the way!


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