November 9, 2008

Mama Mia!

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mama mia

mama mia

I am a huge ABBA fan. and i recently got to know of a new movie that came to the theaters. mama mia!. so what does mama mia have to do with abba? well mama mia have a lots of their songs in the movie. its a musical. and all the music in it is baised on ABBA’s music. i watched it on Saturday at home. and i loved it! it kind of awakened some of my “happy” senses 😉 well mama mia has been a popular play for a quite some time AFAIK. the movie is a musical. the people who made the movie have done a grate job putting together the songs with the story line. i really, really enjoyed it. i think i loved it so much because i was already an abba fan. and the movie had all their songs in it. its one of those movies that makes you so happy by telling you a simple story in a very beautiful way. i don’t think they had to spend a lot of money to make this film. i mean i don’t think that there were any major special effects or anything like that. its about people… and its beautiful… i am listening to the sound track now.

wow what a movie… google on about it if you want some “happyness” 🙂


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