December 7, 2008

Netbeans, NX server/client and Ubuntu

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when i am using Netbeans to code i usually run it in my desktop because it is a bit resource hoggy(well i am saying this while jugging it by my standard’s. i only have 512 in my lap). i do this using NX. i have a NX server running in my desktop while my client has NX client. both machines are running Ubuntu(what else ;)). desktop is running 8.04 and the lap is running 8.10. so what am i writing all these in my blog? well i came across some problems while using the above setup. so i thought of noting them here.

Keyboard gone nuts: pressing the Arrow(↑) on the client(while logged in to the host via NX) brings up “Take Screenshot”

this is apparently a common issue. you would find plenty of materials on this if you google about it. for me the fix was setting the Keyboard model to Evdev Managed Keyboard in the Desktop(Host). you can go there through Preferences -> Keyboard preferences…

Screen fails to update/refresh it self as needed while on Netbeans, making it confusing to read the source code

this issue was a show stopper for me. i needed to code and with this i cannot. basically the issue is like this. when you are in netbeans writing some code, if you try to scroll an already opened text file, down and up again. the text get scrambled. basically some lines of code gets duplicated. for this to happen you should scroll the document down and then scroll it up again. this is only a display issue. so if you some how managed to refresh that ‘area of the screen’ you can see the code as it is.

after trying different options in the NX client. it seems that disabling the shared memory option in NX client’s display options do the trick. at least it works for me(in the login dialog click configure -> display setting tab -> display options -> disable shared memory).

i love netbeans. its pretty neat stuff. and NX is much better than VNC and stuff. so right now i can code using netbeans which is running in my desktop with a lot of resources, through my lap, which is in a very ‘physicaly’ reachable and comfortable place for me. in case if you are wondering why i can’t just use the desktop it self. well i can. but its not very comfortable due to bad furniture…. it hurts my hands. so that’s the reason i am using my lap.

How to switch from the full screen mode in NX client

simply take your mouse to the top right corner of your screen and click(the pixel in the top most right corner). cool ha? i found it through… google of course! 🙂

alright now i’m goning to sleep…


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