July 30, 2010

My ‘Workstation’

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a pc

My Workstation

This is where i spend most of my time during the day job. I will be leaving next month. Won’t be seeing this guy for a long time to come. It seems.

Thinking about why i really made this post. I think its because this is the first time “i took a photo form my smartphone and emailed it to a friend”. Doing “first time things” is definitely fun.


January 15, 2010

Bopath Ella Falls

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14th Jan is a public holiday in Sri Lanka. On that day me and a couple of my work buddies went on a trip, to Bopath Ella Falls ( It was grate. We climbed to the very top of the falls. It was not easy, walking barefoot on a small trail covered with jungle like terrine. However it was fun :). Some pics follows…

Bopath Ella Falls

Looking down from the top

In the top

More Pictures on flickr


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