February 23, 2011

Custom Server Density Plugin to Watch Processes on a *nix Server

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Wrote this down recently to keep a watch on some processors. You can look at a list of running processes in SD without the need for any additional pulgins. However if you need to be alerted when a process goes down you would need to (as David has pointed out in the comments section, you don’t need a custom plugin to do this. However i am keeping this post here… as a sample of a plugin or just because i wrote it :D) write something custom. This plugin will be sending a value of 80 or 0 for a given process. 80 indicates that its running while 0 indicates that its not running.


import sys
import os
import subprocess
import re

class ProcessWatch:
  def __init__(self, agentConfig, checksLogger, rawConfig):
    self.agentConfig = agentConfig
    self.checksLogger = checksLogger
    self.rawConfig = rawConfig

  def run(self):
    data = {}
    for p in ["delayed_job", "thin"]: # put whatever process names you wish to monitor here
      if self.isThisRunning(p) == False:
        data[p] = 0 # not running
        data[p] = 80 # running!

    return data

  def findThisProcess(self, process_name):
    ps = subprocess.Popen("ps -eaf | grep "+process_name+" | grep -v grep", shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
    output =

    return output

  # This is the function you can use
  def isThisRunning(self, process_name):
    output = self.findThisProcess(process_name)

    if''+process_name, output) is None:
      return False
      return True

You can grab the plugin from github at

The return output looks like the following. So you can set this up to watch as many processes as you want. Internally it just executes a ps and grep the output. So just keep that it mind.

data = {‘delayed_job’: 80, ‘thin’: 80}

The above output is when the plugin is watching two processes (thin and delayed_job).

Customize the array in the 14th line of the plugin to include whatever processes you need to watch

["delayed_job", "thin"] # for watching delayed_job and thin

Just keep in mind that this is the first time i am writing something in Python :D. Hope this helps someone.


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