November 19, 2008

Filtering RSS2 Feeds for Comments From User ‘X’

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there are some blogs that i love to read. i read all the posts on them. but thats not enough sometimes! i need to read all the comments that the author of the blog makes in reply to the comments, his posts, receive. this particular blog in which i wanted to read all the authors comments on any of his posts was hosted on blogger. so a little bit of googling gave me a feed url(this is the RSS2 one: for all the comments in a blogger hosted blog. i went to feedrinse, created a account. added the above said feed + a filter rule to filter ‘posts'(comments in this case) in the feed, by the author. but for my surprise the filter didn’t work. i was simply trying to filter the comments by giving the authors name(ex:- joe1312). but it turns out you have to give something a little bit different. so after looking at the raw xml for the comments feed. it was apparent that the author would be something like

' (joe1312)'

so when i did the filtering for the author like above, the filter worked fine. btw it should be noted that this works with the RSS2 feed. blogger lets you have a ATOM feed as well. but i had no luck getting that work to with the filter.


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